Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Reflecting on Vocation

An excerpt from the novel Cosmas or the Love of God by Pierre de Callan.

“A vocation is not open to empirical investigation. The Lord is relentless when he wants to enlist someone in his service; but he is also incredibly self-effacing. One cannot possibly understand the signs of a vocation unless one remembers that god, because He is Love, woos souls with all the delicacy and shyness of a lover. Even those who can say that they never had the slightest doubt about their vocation still feel overwhelmed and at a loss to explain exactly what this means. For here contradictory truths inaccessible to ordinary human logic, come together: there is a sense of being led by someone stronger than oneself, and yet remaining free; the feeling that it will pursue us in season and out of season, and yet that it is within our power at any given moment not to heed it; the understanding that god has need of our so-operation to lead us wherever He desires. Mary was free to say no to the Angel.

Moreover, God’s call comes to us in a human context which may be ambivalent and need sorting out: family circumstances; the influence of a priest or of relations or friends; an example one feels impelled to follow; a book we have read, or a felling; psychological or emotional events. All these can be exploited by the Lord to incline us to follow His path”

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