Monday, 21 October 2013

Celebrations in the life of a Carmelite Friar.

The past few weeks have been of celebration within the Carmelite family - why?
Because God continues to be good to us and send us brothers! At the end of September Brother James Hinchcliffe was received into the novitiate and clothed in the habit at the friary church of St. Andrew in Salamanca. This friary is on the site of the novitiate community which welcomed St. John of the Cross into the Carmelite Order and is now the home of the novices from across Europe.
Br. James received the habit along with 7 others who begin their religious life together under the watchful eye of their Novice Director, Fr. Desiderio Gracia Martinez, O.Carm. Fr. Desi was part of the Carmelite community at Aylesford priory last year and always provides a joyful welcome.

Fr. Damian Cassidy, O.Carm presents the habit to James Hinchcliffe


OThe novitiate class of 2013-2014 with friars from Spain, England, Ireland, and Portugal
On Saturday the 19th of October the friars of the British province gathered to celebrate the Solemn Profession of Vows of Brother Paul Jenkins. O. Carm. The liturgy for the the solemn profession of vows is one of the most beautiful celebrations we have. It has a noble and joyful simplicity. Paul gathered around him many strands of his life as he made his lifelong commitment to God, the Carmelite Order and the Church.
Br. Paul Jenkins

After the gospel Paul is called to present himself for Solemn Profession. he is asked "Beloved brother, what do ask of God and his holy Church?" Paul replied, " Through the mercy of God I have learnt the meaning of a life dedicated to him through the vows, by living among you in community. therefore, I humbly ask  hat, for the gory of god and the service of the Church, I may make my Solemn Profession in te Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel."

Br. Paul lies before the Altar as the community call on the prayers of the Saints to pray for him and the whole Church

Br. Paul makes his profession of vows into the hands of Fr. Wilfrid, the Prior Provincial.

The Carmelite friars pray the prayer of consecration over Paul

After Paul professed his vows the friars present prayed the prayer of consecration over him.
Father in heaven, source of all holiness, your love for us is so great that you invite us to share in your divine life.
Throughout history you have raised up men and women graced with every virtue. Foremost among them stands Mary, the ever virgin daughter of Zion. From her pure womb was born our Saviour Jesus Christ, your eternal Word.
He became poor to make us rich, a slave to set us free. With love no words can tell he redeemed the world by his death and resurrection.
You send your Spirit among us to sanctify us that we may row in holiness. The voice of the Spirit has been heard by countless numbers of your children.
Drawn to follow in the footsteps of your Son they leave all things behind to be one with you in the bonds of love. They freely and wholeheartedly give themselves yto your service and the service of your people.
Look with favour, then, on our brother Paul who has heard your call.
Send him the Spirit of holiness; help him to fulfil in faith what you have enabled him to promise in joy. Grant him perfect chastity, liberating poverty and wholehearted obedience.
May he glorify you by his humility, serve you with joy, and be one with you in fervent love. By the holiness of his life may he build up your kingdom, and thus be a sign of your love for the whole world.
May he live a life of constant allegiance to Jesus Christ.
Amy he be constant in prayer, faithfully pondering your holy word day and night, and so come to rejoice in the communion of your saints and praise you forever in their company. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fraternal joy! Paul is welcomed by his brothers

 Please pray for our brothers, James and Paul and for those who will come after them!
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us!

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