Thursday, 4 October 2012

Preparing for the Year of Faith

Prayer in preparation for the Year of Faith

Spirit of Life, who in the beginning hovered over the abyss,
help humanity of our time to understand that the exclusion of God
leads to being lost in the desert of the world,
and that only where faith enters, do dignity and liberty flourish and
the whole of society is built on justice.
Spirit of Pentecost, who makes the Church one Body,
restore in the baptized an authentic experience of communion;
make us living signs of the presence of the
Risen One in the world,
a Community of saints that lives in the service of charity.
Holy Spirit, who equips us for the mission,
grant that we may recognize that, also in our time,
so many people are in search of the truth about their
existence and the world.
Make us collaborators of their joy with the proclamation
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
grain of the wheat of God, which renders good the terrain of life
and assures the abundance of the harvest.

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