Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brother, what do you seek?

Brother what do you seek?
This question was asked of two young men in the last two weeks. Severin Tyburski and Kurt Mizzi had completed their year long novitiate at Aylesford Priory and returned to their home provinces for their Simple (first) Profession of vows.

The rite of profession is simple yet one of the most beautiful liturgies in the Church. Its significance comes from the fact that nothing is being done to the person being professed, but that they are giving themselves to the service of the Church. It is a rite that is full of hope and trust in the God who calls us and holds our futures.

Br. Severin professes vows
Br Severin takes a lights a candle as a sign of his profession.
The light came from the Easter Candle which is also used in the Rite of Baptism.

Br. Kurt professes vows.

Br. Kurt Mizzi, O.Carm., professed vows in Malta on the 14th September during the Mass of the Feast of the Exhalation of the Holy Cross. Fr. Brendan represented the Aylesford Community for that celebration.
Br. Severin Tyburski, O.Carm., professed vows un Germany during Solemn Vespers on the evening of 16th September. Fr. Damian was their to participate in the celebrations
After placing their hands into those of the Prior Provincial, the newly professed friar is clothed in the white cloak of the Order. The cloak is the garment of the prophet and a symbol for Carmelites of their call to be zealous for the Lord as was our Holy Father, the prophet Elijah.


We Carmelites like to party! So after each of the professions the families, friends and friars gathered to share the joy of our brothers.
Please keep Kurt and Sevi in your prayers. Pray also that more young people will follow them into the land of Carmel. If your heart is leading you to explore a call to religious life in Carmel, please contact Fr. Damian at
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us!

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