Monday, 27 August 2012

Countdown to WYD 2013

Well the preparations for WYD 2013 are contimuing apace. The Rio organising committee have released the following video to help us prepare for 2013

I have been to many WYD's and have enjoyed them all. There is something awesome about young people gathering together to celebrate their faith with joy and friendship. As human beings we need inspriration and encouragement and WYD fits the bill.

Many who would like to go to Rio find themselves unable to do so because of the cost. The Carmelite Community at Aylesford Priory, together with our friends and partners, Brightlights and many of the Catholic Youth Services in the South of England would like to share a WYD experience with you here at Aylesford. Join in the joy of Rio with other young people from across the UK and beyond. See you here?

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