Thursday, 5 July 2012

When was the last time

Well, it seems an age since I last blogged, but I have not been idle. Over the last week over 1000 young people have visited our community at Aylesford Priory on retreat days or attending the Brightlights festival.

From Tuesday 26th ‘til Thursday 28th, students from Catholic secondary schools in the Brentwood and Southwark diocese came for retreat days. The upcoming Olympics provided an horizon for our reflections together. We spent the day looking at our values and how the Gospel informs them
Br. Neil, Julz, Sian & Tree from SCYS & Br Paul.

On the Friday we had a number of schools and a variety of ages gathering to celebrate the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. Fr. Damian presided at the Mass and music was provided by our friends from Southwark Catholic Youth Services. In looking at the apostles, Damian noted their stubbornness and fragility. When we think of saints we don’t often reflect on the beginnings of their story, we tend to concentrate on their holiness and words. When we know the back story, we can appreciate more, that we can become saints when we give God permission to overwhelm us.

Friday afternoon heralded a frantic race against time to prepare the site for the Brightlights Festival. The weekend was a relaxed and happy time to be aware of God’s closeness, to listen to his word and to offer him praise. Bands, drama, workshops, talks, liturgies and worship were the order of the day.

Fr. Tim Menzies asked the festival goers ‘When was the last time someone told you that you are wonderful? A question to ponder, more important is that we realise that we are!
Some snapshots from the weekend

More pictures to follow ... thanks Brendan

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