Wednesday, 6 June 2012

100 Days of Peace

100 Days of Peace is a joint project of the Catholic Dioceses of Brentwood, Southwark and Westminster, involving the Education Departments and Justice & Peace Commissions, in partnership with Pax Christi, London Citizens, More Than Gold and the 2012 Office of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales.

Once in every four years the Olympic and Paralympic Games offer an opportunity to celebrate human achievement through sport. Every country in the world is invited to send participants.

8th June – 28th October 2012

This unique international event is accompanied by an equally important UN resolution, signed by all 193 member states, calling for a cessation of conflict during the period of the Games. The aim of the 100 Days of Peace initiative is to promote one hundred days of peace-making in schools, parishes and communities for fifty days either side of the Games. We call on all nations to fulfil the commitments of the UN Resolution and enable a peaceful Games to be enjoyed around the world.

Our dream is that the London 2012 Games will leave a lasting legacy of peace towards greater safety on our streets, co-operation between nations and an end to war.

For the last week our community at Alesford Priory has hosted the Peace and Reconciliation Icon that was written for Pax Christi International. The icon was written in St John's Monastery in Jerusalem.

Reconciliation Prayer
 O Risen Christ,
You breathe your Holy Spirit on us
and you tell us: ‘Peace be yours’.
Opening ourselves to your peace -
letting it penetrate the harsh and
rocky ground of our hearts -
means preparing ourselves to be
bearers of reconciliation
wherever you may place us.
But you know that at times
we are at a loss.
So come and lead us
to wait in silence,
to let a ray of hope shine forth
in our world.
Brother Roger, Taizé

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