Friday, 20 April 2012

The 12 voices of Easter

Easter Morning - Dalmally
1.Judas Iscariot: The Voice of Betrayal. He was a good leader, probably the Treasurer of the group. Whether it was the work of the devil or being an instrument in God’s plan, Judas betrayed his Master.

 2.Simon Peter: The Voice of Denial. Chief among the Twelve, he failed Jesus three times over. Can real love produce this kind of failure? The voice of the rooster testified against him. His words testified against him. His heart condemned him. He confessed Jesus on the mountain but denied him at night.

 3.Caiaphas: The Voice of Condemnation. He proclaimed the innocent Nazarene guilty of blasphemy, as fulfilling the duties of a filial son of the priestly order.

 4.Chief Priests: The Voice of Deception. They had charge over the temple functions. Their authority was unquestioned. By condemning Jesus to be crucified, they secured their place and office.

 5.Pontius Pilate: The Voice of Evasion. He knew Jesus was innocent yet he convicted him guilty, to please the Jews. He failed to recognize Jesus as the embodiment of truth.

 6.The Mob: The Voice of Hatred. They raised their voices in hatred, probably provoked by the Jewish leaders. Contrastingly, their hatred was met with love and forgiveness.

 7.The Thief: The Voice of Faith. He believed in Jesus and that when He had gone ahead to Paradise, he will be with Him soon after.

 8.The Centurion: The Voice of Affirmation. He saw the death of a truly righteous man. He recognized the power behind Jesus’ death.

 9.Joseph of Arimathea: The Voice of Courage. He had courage to do what he did. It would mean the end of his term in the Sanhedrin, and end of his good name in the community. He believed in Jesus as the Messiah.

 10.Mary Magdalene: The Voice of Adoration. It was a voice of astonishment and wonder. She saw the risen Lord! Jesus is risen from the dead indeed!

 11.Cleopas: The Voice of Assurance. On the road to Emmaus, he recognized the risen Christ. He ate from the Saviour’s nail-scarred hands. No more questions, no more doubt – He is very much alive!

 12.Thomas: The Voice of Doubt. He touched the marks left by the soldiers and chief priests in Jesus’ hand. They were marks of men who did not believe Jesus. The scars were also the marks of his disbelief till he fell to his knees and declared, “My Lord and my God!”

Whose voice is yours? When you come face to face with the resurrected Christ, all your other voices are silenced. It gives way to the voice of faith and hope – He is no more in the grave. He is alive! The promises of God had been fulfilled! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!

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