Friday, 30 March 2012

Nine Months

Tomorrow night the Ten Ten Theatre Company will be performing the play ‘Nine Months’ in the Leicester Square Theatre. I have seen this play countless times and led discussions on the dramatic events it portrays with hundreds of young people. It never ceases to move me. This description of the play is from the Ten Ten website.

“I thought about not telling you. I mean, I thought, it’s my own stupid fault, just go off to the doctors and have done with it. But then I thought I should tell you ‘cos, like, you’re my best mate, innit?”

August… Tasha and Gibsy, aged 17 and 18, sit on a beach, hands entwined, having the best summer of their lives.

 September… Tasha skips her period and takes a pregnancy test.

 October… they make a life-changing decision.

Charting a changing relationship over a nine-month period, Ten Ten Theatre’s new play asks challenging questions about the nature of relationships, love and life.

The play is written and directed by Martin O’Brien. The cast are people I am now glad to call friends – Stephen Newbury and Sarah Winn. The play is sold out. The Ten Ten Theatre Company take plays into schools that go to the heart of relationships. In the often confusing and pressured world that our young people live in, Ten Ten explore with the audience issues of friendship, sexuality choices and morality. The dramas are funny, deep, challenging and memorable. Many times I have been amazed by the response it evokes from the audience. Pray for the work of Ten Ten. It is a wonderful ministry and work. And having spent four weeks working with them I can only be amazed at the hard work that they do. The plays and the company deserve our thanks and respect

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